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Copy of Legend Trade Management System (LTMS) V9

Copy of Legend Trade Management System (LTMS) V9

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Automated Trading
Auto-Trading Automatically open trades once a new trading signal has been detected.
Auto-Lot Size Automatically calculate your lot size based on your desired risk amount or risk percentage.
Auto-Trade Presets Optimized settings for each instrument that can be used for auto-trading only.
Trade Signals
Trading Signals Receive buy & sell signals for each instrument across multiple timeframes. Each signal contains up to 3 take profit targets and a stop loss target.
Trend Scanner
Quickly determine the current trend of each instruments across all timeframes at a glance.
Trade Signal Alerts Receive notifications when new trading signals appear on your mobile phone or desktop. The information on the alerts will include the entry price, 3 take profit levels, stop loss level, and win rate.
Notifications History Review past trading signal notifications for each instruments.
Price Action Tools
Support / Resistance Zones Automatically draws the support & resistance zones on your chart.
Trend Lines Automatically draws the trend lines on your chart.
Fibonacci Retracement Automatically draws the Fibonacci retracements on your chart.
Candlestick Patterns Automatically draws candlestick patterns on your chart.
Pivot Points Automatically draws the pivot points on your chart.
Donchian Channel Automatically draws the Donchian Channel on your chart.
Keltner Channel Automatically draws the Keltner Channel on your chart.
Trade Manager
Market / Pending Orders Supports for opening market orders and limit/stop orders.
Task Manager Automate tasks such as opening/closing trades once it hits a horizontal line or trend line, and price alerts.
Lot Risk Calculation Automatically calculate your lot size based on your desired risk amount or risk percentage.
Hedge Trades Easily hedge your trades by opening an opposite position with a simple tool.
Reverse Trades Easily reverse your trades by automatically closing a trade & opening an opposite trade, all in one step.
Close Trades Fully close a trade, partially close a trade, close all trades, close all profit, close all loss, close all buy, & close all sell options in just one click.
Edit Trades Edit your take profit, stop loss, & move stop loss to breakeven.
Manual Grid Trades Open a series of limit orders for recovery type trading in just one click.
One-Click Trading Quickly open a trade with a fixed take profit size, stop loss, and lot size in just one click.
Technical Analysis
Currency Strength Meter Automatically detect strong & weak currencies with alerts for pair suggestions
Technical Dashboard Quickly glance at the values of popular indicators across multiple pairs/timeframes.
Advanced Screener Easily find pairs that matches your desired technical filter.
Next Bar Countdown Timer Counts down a timer for the next candle on your chart.
Technical Data Panel Shows you the current value of popular indicators on the current chart along with spreads, volume & volatility.
Account Reports
Account Reports Show detailed statistics and performance of your trading account which can be filtered by pairs & date.
Trade History Shows your previous trade transactions which can be sorted & filtered by pairs & date.
Pairs Performance Shows the performance of each pairs traded on your account to determine the most profitable pairs.
Account Statistics Shows real time statistics of your account such as daily drawdown, win rate, equity, & profit/loss.
Account Protection
Drawdown Protection Avoid further losses once target drawdown is reached by automatically closing all trades for the day.
Profit Protection Avoid overtrading once desired overall profit is reached by automatically closing all trades for the day.
Trailing Stops Minimize your risk by reducing the size of your stop loss as the price moves towards your take profit target.
Breakeven Stop Loss Minimize your risk by moving your stop loss to breakeven price as the price moves towards your desired target.
Partial Close Minimize your risk by reducing the size of your position as the price moves towards your desired target.

Fundamental Analysis AI

Market Forecast AI will provide market forecast for major forex pairs.
News Events Analysis AI will provide analysis on current news events for each major currency.
Economic Indicators AI will provide analysis on USA CPI, Unemployment Rate, Federal Funds Rate, Treasury Yield, Nonfarm Payroll, & Retail Sales.
Trade Analysis AI will analyze your current trade setups and it will give you recommendations and suggestions based on current market conditions.
ChatGPT Assistant Trained on TakePropips data, you can ask anything related to our products or on forex trading.
Custom Strategy Creator AI Ask AI for any trading strategy and it will provide you the code to implement as a custom strategy.
Trading Strategy
Default TMS Strategy Our most advanced strategy is built-in within the trading system. Support for Balance, Conservative, Aggressive, & Scalper trading style.
Adaptive Machine Learning Uses machine learning algorithm to detect patterns and predict future price movements.
Standard Strategies Included MACD Crossover, Stochastic Crossover, Alligator Crossover, Fractals, & Engulfing candle strategies.
No-Code Custom Strategy Builder Switch to your own custom strategy using no-code builder. The strategy can be used to generate signals & for auto-trading.
Dev Custom Strategy Builder Switch to your own custom strategy by coding the main logic for greater flexibility. Requires coding knowledge of MQL4. The strategy can be used to generate signals & for auto-trading.
Other Features
Trading Sessions Automatically draw the market sessions on your chart for London, New York, & Tokyo sessions. Provides a range to calculate volatility of a specific session.
Stealth Mode Automatically hide your stop loss & take profit levels.
Keyboard Shortcuts Navigate our system using keyboard shortcuts.
News Management Real time news panel that shows major events for each major currencies.
Compact View Lessen the footprint of the trading dashboard to create more room on your chart.
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